Common Causes Of Pomeranian Coughing

Is your Pomeranian coughing?

Are you starting to wonder what may be the cause of their cough?

Living with a coughing Pomeranian under one roof can be very disconcerting to the owner.

Any signs of distress and hacking noises can make your little Pom uncomfortable and irritable.

This article will discuss common causes of Pomeranian coughing and offer helpful tips on solving the problem.

Common Causes of Pomeranian Coughing

Have you noticed your Pomeranian coughing?

When one of your Pomeranians begins to cough, your mind will probably start to wonder as you try to determine the cause of the problem.

1. Pomeranian Heart Conditions

Coughing in Poms can be caused by the presence of heart disease.

Symptoms of heart disease in dogs include depressed or rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, coughing, lack of appetite, decreased endurance, or a swollen or painful tongue.

If you notice any of these life-threatening symptoms in your puppy, consult a vet as soon as possible.

If the Pomeranian coughing is bringing up liquids even though he seems to be doing well, take them to your local vetinarian to have them looked at.

Heart conditions are uncommon, so you shouldn’t assume that your Pomeranian has trouble with their heart if they has a persistent cough.

An experienced veterinarian can assess the problem quickly and get them the correct treatment.

Pomeranian Coughing

2. Pomeranian Collapsed Trachea

Tracheal collapses are a problem in small dogs.

Dogs with small noses suffer the same problem: the cartilage that protects their windpipes from damage degrades over time.

This can cause the windpipe to collapse to fail.

Even though it might not be that painful for your little Pom, it’s incredibly uncomfortable.

One quick solution to this problem is to stop using a collar and use a harness to protect your pooch when walking around the park.

A collar can easily degrade the cartilage of your Pomeranian’s windpipe.

Curing a trachea that has collapsed is difficult, so you must take every possible step to prevent it from happening.

Causes of a pomeranian cough

3. Pomeranian Reverse Sneezing

Have you ever noticed your dog getting excited when “welcoming” a guest in your house and then they suddenly get difficulty breathing?

This practice is known as “Reverse Sneezing.”

This is an indication that there is an issue with the palate of your dog.

The immediate fix, which tends to work on small dogs, is to stop your little pooch from moving or jumping around whilst holding his nostrils to help him easily breathe through his mouth.

4. Kennel Cough

If you notice Pomeranian coughing up water even after they have not had anything to eat or drink, it might be because he has Kennel Cough.

Kennel Cough is extremely contagious; you may know other dogs who have caught it.

Don’t be mislead by the name.

Your Pomeranian doesn’t have to visit a kennel to catch Kennel Cough.

Your Pom can easily contract the cough from other dogs that it interacts with, or places such as the groomers or Vets.

5. Worm Infections

Your Pomeranian may have a worm infection, which may cause them to start coughing.

If that is the case, a Pomeranian over six months will likely have heartworm disease.

This is caused by a parasitic worm called Dirofilaria.

Heartworm disease in dogs can be severe and can cause permanent damage to the heart and blood vessels.

6. Pomeranian Allergies

Pomeranians may be coughing due to allergies.

These allergies may be present when you purchase your Pomeranian, or they may develop over time.

A wheeze and a cough in combination is usually a good indicator that they may be suffering with allergies.

Dogs can have many different types of allergies, and both food and skin allergies can cause them to start coughing.

Food allergies are a common problem for many Poms.

Keep a food diary all the foods your pooch eats and whether he has any adverse reactions to any of them.

In addition, pay attention to the environment where the cough develops.

Treating a pomeranian cough

7. Pomeranian Hairball

Just like cats, a Pom can ingest hair and start coughing.

This is often common in puppies that are still feeding on their mothers.

Some owners of Pomeranians lose their litters through this coughing problem without even noticing the cause!

Therefore, you should ensure that the mothers are properly shaved before whelping to prevent the problem.

How Do I Stop My Pomeranian Coughing?

There are several causes of Pomeranian coughing.

Hence, in order to stop the coughing you need to find the cause.

This may mean keeping a food diary to check for allergies.

Utilising a harness instead of a dog lead.

Or if you are not able to find a cause, speaking to your local Veterinarian.

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