13 Best Large Dogs for Apartments

Discover the best large dogs for apartments that offer the perfect balance of size and temperament for cozy urban living. Explore your ideal gentle giant today!
Golden retriever sat in an apartment

Looking for the best large dogs for apartments?

Trying to find those apartment-friendly large dogs with an easygoing temperament?

Ones that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle without needing a backyard to roam?

Whether you’re considering choosing the best large dog for your apartment,

or simply indulging your curiosity,

we’re poised to introduce you to the best large dog breeds suitable for apartments.

Finding the best apartment dogs for big breed lovers starts with understanding what truly makes a breed tick.

The 13 Best Large Dogs For Apartments

Standard Poodle: A Top Contender for Apartment Living

The standard poodle fast asleep on the sofa

When considering large dog breeds for apartments, a Standard Poodle presents an excellent blend of attributes.

Renowned for their intelligence and obedience.

Standard Poodles flourish when provided with ample mental stimulation.

This makes them good apartment dogs that won’t succumb to boredom easily.

Their medium energy levels mean they are well-equipped to adapt to apartment living.

They are however still active enough to enjoy daily outings and playtime.

Their distinct, curly coat is not only stylish but practical for those concerned with cleanliness in smaller living areas.

With their low shedding attributes, your home remains fur-free with regular grooming.

Let’s dive into some of the key characteristics that make Standard Poodles a fitting choice for your apartment companion.

SizeLarge breed, but with a manageable stature for apartment spaces.
TemperamentIntelligent, perceptive, and calm; thrives on engagement and companionship.
Coat TypeSingle-layer, curly, considered hypoallergenic due to minimal shedding.
Exercise NeedsRequires daily exercise but can remain peaceful indoors after activity.
Grooming RequirementsRegular grooming needed to maintain coat and prevent matting.
Suitability as an Apartment DogAdaptable provided their need for mental and physical stimulation is met.

By choosing a Standard Poodle as your apartment companion, you’re embracing a pet that weaves seamlessly into apartment .

Offering companionship, sophistication, and a harmonious balance between activity and tranquility.

Golden Retriever: The Ideal Companion?

If you live in an apartment, you might wonder if big dogs like the Golden Retriever fits into your lifestyle.

Known for their friendly demeanor and adaptability.

Golden Retrievers make for wonderful companions in multiple living environments, including apartments.

While they are energetic and love to play, their low energy levels during indoor times mark them as a good apartment dog breed.

Best large dogs for apartments golden retriever

The key to thriving with a Golden Retriever in an apartment setting is striking a balance.

A balance between their need for companionship and physical activity.

Regular exercise is a must to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

You’ll find these dogs are as content with indoor relaxation as they are with a game of fetch in the park.

FeatureImportance for Apartment Living
AdaptabilityGolden Retrievers are highly adaptable, adjusting well to the space constraints of an apartment.
TemperamentTheir friendly and tolerant nature makes them great for close-quarter living with neighbors.
Energy LevelsThough active outdoors, they are considered low energy in the home, perfect for apartment dwellers.
SizeDespite being a big dog, they can comfortably live in an apartment with enough daily walks.
CompanionshipGolden Retrievers are excellent companions, important in apartments where pet interaction is limited.

Don’t let the size discourage you;

these apartment-friendly dog breeds are proof that even big dogs can make incredible apartment pets.

Australian Shepherd: A Companion for Apartment Life

As you ponder on the best apartment dogs, you might question if a large dog breed like the Australian Shepherd fits the bill for good apartment dogs.

An australian shepherd sat indoors

Australian Shepherds indeed embody high energy and an eagerness for activity.

With a dedicated approach, these intelligent dogs can become compatible inhabitants of apartment spaces.

  1. Exercise Routine: Australian Shepherds thrive when they have a steady schedule of activities. Considering their energy levels, it’s essential to implement a daily exercise routine that might include morning walks, frisbee games in the park, or agility training.
  2. Mental Stimulation: Alongside physical exercise, mental engagement is crucial. Puzzle toys, learning new tricks, or participating in obedience training can help keep their minds sharp and content in an apartment setting.

By ensuring your Aussie is well-exercised and mentally satisfied,

you can turn your apartment into a perfectly suited home for one of the most vivacious and best apartment dogs.

Notice that while they can adjust to apartment life, it requires a solid commitment from you to meet their vigorous needs.

Consideration for Apartment Living with an Australian ShepherdRecommendations
Energy LevelExtensive daily exercise and playtime
Space UtilizationExercise pens or designated play areas within the apartment
Mental EngagementInteractive toys and training sessions
Handling Their Herding InstinctProper socialization and redirecting behavior through games

Embracing an Australian Shepherd as a part of your urban life may require more effort compared to other good apartment dogs.

Yet the endless affection and companionship they provide makes it a rewarding endeavor.

If your heart is set on a large dog breed,

and you’re ready to invest the time and energy,

you’ll find in the Aussie not just a pet, but a devoted and active partner.

Boxer – Apartment-Friendly Dog Breed

If you’re in love with large breeds and considering adding a big dog to your apartment life, the Boxer may have crossed your mind.

Known for their playful spirits and boundless energy.

Boxers stand among the best dog breeds that blend loyalty with exuberance.

Even though Boxers have high energy levels, with the right approach, they can be excellent apartment dogs.

Boxer Dog asleep on the sofa

Living with big dogs like the Boxer in an apartment might seem daunting initially.

However, you’ll find that their zest for life and desire for human interaction make them quite apartment friendly.

Keeping your Boxer happy and healthy in an apartment setting revolves around catering to their needs for plenty of exercise and mental engagement.

  • Exercise Routine: Incorporating daily walks, playtime, and occasional runs can help manage your Boxer’s high energy levels.
  • Mental Stimulation: Boxers are intelligent and benefit from puzzles, training sessions, and interactive games.
  • Social Interaction: Known to be social creatures, Boxers thrive on companionship, whether with you or with other pets.

Wondering how to align your living arrangement with a Boxer’s needs?

Check out this comparison table for managing their vibrant personalities and ensuring they fit well into your apartment lifestyle:

Aspect of CareTips for Boxers in Apartments
Physical ActivityTwo brief walks daily, supplemented with indoor playtime and weekly outings to a dog park.
Training NeedsRegular, consistent training sessions to keep them mentally sharp and well-behaved indoors.
Space RequirementsAdaptable to small spaces; ensure a comfortable resting area and minimize clutter for freedom of movement.
SocializationSchedule regular playdates and allow safe interactions with neighbors and their pets.
Containing EnergyProviding chew toys and interactive gadgets to keep them entertained when you’re not home.

When you’re selecting your new friend, bear in mind that while Boxers can display the characteristics of the best dog breeds for apartment living, they primarily need your attention and time.

If your heart is set on one of these loyal companions, your dedication can make any living arrangement an absolute success!

Saint Bernard: Perfect for Apartment Life

If you’re looking for the best large dogs for apartments, don’t be intimidated by the size of the Saint Bernard.

Often categorized alongside breeds like the Great Dane, the Saint Bernard is a member of the American Kennel Club‘s working group.

It is one of the best large dog breeds for those with less spacious homes.

These dogs are known for their serene personalities, qualifying them as a good apartment dog.

Saint Bernard Dog rest on an apartment floor

Before welcoming this furry friend into your abode, consider their space requirements.

Oh, and don’t forget the ability to handle their famous slobber.

That said, your giant companion will be quite content with moderate daily walks and lots of cuddles as part of their routine.

These affectionate dogs earn their status as gentle giants.

Happily coexisting with children and other pets, particularly if properly socialized from a young age.

Here’s an at-a-glance comparison of the Saint Bernard and other popular large breeds often chosen by city dwellers:

BreedTemperamentEnergy LevelExercise NeedsSize Consideration for Apartments
Saint BernardPlacid and gentleLowModerateRequires space for a large bed; drooling
Great DaneAffectionate and protectiveLowLow to moderateNeeds a spacious area for lounging
NewfoundlandCalm and lovingLow to mediumModerate; enjoys long walksCan adapt to apartment life with regular exercise
Bernese Mountain DogFriendly and well-behaved indoorsMediumNeeds social interaction and physical activitySuitable for owners with an active lifestyle

While the list of low energy big dogs for small homes may seem short, the Saint Bernard stands out.

An exemplary model for a loving, gentle companion that fits into your apartment lifestyle.

Always remember to consider each breed’s specific needs and how well they align with your living situation.

Your new Saint Bernard could be the perfect fit as your next large breed apartment dog.

Great Dane: A Surprising Choice

A great dane sat on his bed in an apartment

If you’re a big breed lover living in a not-so-big space,

you might be surprised to learn that some of the best big dogs for apartments come in some of the biggest packages.

Meet the Great Dane, a gentle giant that defies the expectations of city living with its docile nature and space-friendly habits.

Despite what you might think, these majestic dogs are indeed apartment-friendly large dogs.

Prized for their calm traits and their ability to adapt to cozier living environments.

These dogs have earned the title of “couch potatoes.”

Content with soft beds and short walks, contrasting with their grand stature.

Great Danes don’t need sprawling yards to stay happy—what they do need, though, is your company.

If you’re looking for low energy large dogs for small homes,

you’ll appreciate how these dogs are more about leisurely lounging than vigorous activity.

As best apartment dogs for big breed lovers, Great Danes come with enough heart to match their height.

But it’s not just about size; it’s about how much space they take in your life, not just your living room.

They’re not just composed;

they’re compassionate, protective, and pack a lot of love—the kind that makes any size space feel like a true home.

That said, it’s essential to consider the physical implications of housing such majestic creatures.

Basset Hound: An Underrated Apartment Companion

When you think of apartment-friendly dog breeds, the Basset Hound may not be the first that comes to mind.

It’s time to give these dogs a second look.

Unlike some larger apartment dogs, Basset Hounds have a medium energy level.

This makes them well-suited to apartment living.

Their calm and affable nature can bring joy and companionship to your apartment.

A basset hound sat on a cushion on a floor

Basset Hounds have distinctive look and gentle eyes.

They might just be the best dog for those of you who are big dog enthusiasts but are constrained by smaller living spaces.

Whether you’re spending a lazy Sunday on the couch,

or looking for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, these dogs are content to be by your side.

It’s their lower energy that often places Basset Hounds on the list of good apartment dogs.

Especially for those who desire the companionship of a larger breed without the exercise requirements.

  • Easygoing Personality: Perfect for apartments, their laid-back temperament ensures they’re not prone to excessive barking or hyperactivity.
  • Adaptable Size: While Basset Hounds are not tiny, their moderate size makes them manageable even in more compact living quarters.
  • Companionship: As a breed known for their loyalty, Basset Hounds enjoy bonding with their owners, making them excellent pets for singles or families.
  • Exercise Needs: They require moderate exercise which can be perfectly met with daily walks and indoor play, aligning well with the apartment lifestyle.

Dogue De Bordeaux: A Gentle Giant for Apartment Dwellers

If you’re on the hunt for big dogs suitable for apartments, the Dogue De Bordeaux may come as a pleasant surprise.

Dogue De Bordeaux asleep in a dog bed

Known for their quiet temperament and imposing appearance.

These gentle giants are often considered as one of the best dogs for those living in tight spaces.

Despite their size, Dogue De Bordeaux dogs have a rather low-energy profile.

This makes them good apartment dogs.

Especially for apartment dwellers concerned about noise and activity levels.

Yet, as with any large dog, there are certain necessities to take into account.

This will help to ensure a healthy and happy life for your canine companion within an apartment setting.

  • Exercise: While they don’t need extensive yard space to run, daily walks are essential for the Dogue De Bordeaux to keep fit and prevent boredom.
  • Training and Socialization: A firm hand in training and early socialization can prevent the development of unwanted behaviors and ensure your dog is well-adjusted to apartment life and beyond.
  • Space Considerations: Giving thought to where your Dogue De Bordeaux will rest and relax is key—ample space for a large bed is important for their comfort.

Newfoundland: The Gentle Giant

For big breed lovers seeking the best large dog for your apartment, the Newfoundland stands out as an admirable choice.

Commonly nicknamed “Newfie,” this large breed is known for its endearing temperament.

Newfoundland dog as one of the best dogs for small apartments

Despite their size, Newfoundlands boast a remarkably sweet nature.

Their affectionate tendencies make them one of the apartment-friendly dog breeds for big dog enthusiasts.

Additionally, the Newfoundland breed is considered low shedding compared to other large dogs.

This is a significant plus for maintaining your apartment’s cleanliness.

The one trade-off with this amiable giant is their drool, which can be bountiful.

So, if you can handle a bit of slobber, the Newfie could very well be one the best dogs for your apartment.

A match for serene large dog breeds for apartments.

Here’s a glimpse at why the Newfoundland might be the furry roommate you’ve been searching for:

  • Imposing in size but gentle in nature, making them a lovable addition to your family.
  • Though they are a larger breed, their moderate exercise requirements are suited to apartment living.
  • Their thick coat requires regular grooming, but they’re a low shedding breed, minimizing the fuss in your living space.
  • Known for their loyalty and protective instincts, they can also serve as an unobtrusive watchdog.

Embrace the potential of adding a gentle giant to your life, and discover why a Newfoundland could very well be considered the best apartment dog for your urban sanctuary.

Bernese Mountain Dog: A Large Breed

Known for their kind disposition, these canine companions are well-regarded as apartment dogs.

They can be a joy to have in smaller living spaces.

Despite being one of the top large dog breeds for small spaces, they do need regular activity and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy.

Bernese mountain dog ideal for apartment living

A proud member of the American Kennel Club’s working group.

Traditionally found on the farms of Switzerland.

Even though you might live in an apartment, you don’t have to dismiss the idea of having a large dog.

With their serene nature, these gentle giants can thrive in apartment living conditions, akin to their Great Dane cousins.

However, like all dogs, they come with a set of needs that must be met.

For instance, despite their substantial size, these dogs often excel in obedience and agility.

They show a desire for mental stimulation that an attentive owner can fulfill.

Get creative indoor games and training exercises.

Let’s look at some critical considerations and tips for keeping a Bernese Mountain Dog in your apartment.

Dog BreedSuitability for Apartment LivingExercise NeedsSpace Considerations
Bernese Mountain DogHigh – calm disposition suits indoor livingModerate – daily walks and playtime requiredNeed ample space for resting; larger bed recommended
Great DaneHigh – known as gentle giants, content with loungingLow – modest exercise due to their laid-back natureNeeds space to comfortably stretch out

Dog breeds for apartment living such as the Bernese Mountain Dog do best with owners who understand their exercise and space needs.

Though they are large, their exercise requirements are quite manageable, even for those who live in an apartment.

Irish Wolfhound

If you have your heart set on a big dog but are living in an urban space, selecting an apartment-friendly large dog is crucial.

Among the surprising yet perfectly suited large dog breeds for small spaces is the regal Irish Wolfhound.

Known for their serene nature, these gentle giants are a beacon of calm and can integrate well into an apartment setting.

Irish Wolfhound sat on his bed

They are known as low energy large dogs for small homes, content with lounging after their basic exercise needs are met.

They do require some open space for occasional sprints to stretch their long leg.

Regular walks and periodic runs should be part of their routine.

  • It’s vital to ensure your home is Irish Wolfhound-proof, keeping in mind their ability to reach heights that most dog breeds cannot.
  • As you walk your big dog, be ready to factor in a little extra time for your strolls, as their friendly and majestic presence often draws people’s interest and interaction.

When selecting a large dog breed for apartment living, the Irish Wolfhound stands out for those who prefer a calm dog that embodies grace and kindness.

Embrace the journey with this companion, and you’ll find your spacious-hearted friend fills your apartment with love without overcrowding it.

Greyhound: A Perfect Match for Apartment Living

If you’re considering a dog in an apartment, Greyhounds may not be the first breed that comes to mind.

Renowned for their speed and often associated with racing, they are in fact one of the best dog breeds for apartments.

Their low energy nature makes them ideal for the cozy confines of an apartment setting.

Living with a Greyhound means creating a serene environment for a breed that appreciates long walks but also relishes prolonged periods of relaxation.

A greyhound asleep on the floor

At first glance, you might compare them to the towering Great Danes, but Greyhounds are much slimmer and not as tall.

Despite their athletic build, they are generally low shedding, which helps keep your apartment clean and free from excessive pet hair.

Greyhound TraitsApartment Living Benefits
Peaceful temperamentMakes for a quiet and well-behaved indoor pet
Low exercise requirementsContent with shorter walks and indoor rest
Lean physiqueTakes up less space in your apartment
Independent natureWell-suited for owners with busy lifestyles
Low shedding coatReduces the need for constant cleaning

While these traits paint Greyhounds as the perfect pet for urban living, they do require a bit of socialization to bring out their best qualities.

Introducing your Greyhound to different people and situations can help to dispel any shyness, building their confidence in social settings.

By choosing a Greyhound, you’ll find that apartment living with your new canine companion can be a wonderfully harmonious experience.

The Afghan Hound – A Regal Companion

If you’re an apartment dweller with a soft spot for regal canines, the Afghan Hound might just be the perfect addition.

Afghan Hound on a cushion

Renowned for their elegant appearance and dignified demeanor.

Afghan Hounds fit surprisingly well into the apartment-friendly dog breeds category.

As a big dog enthusiast, you’ll appreciate their balanced nature which necessitates both playful strolls and peaceful downtime.

This makes them one of the best large dog breeds for those living in smaller spaces.

As you navigate the joys of selecting the best large dog for your apartment,

consider that whilst Afghan Hounds tout an independent streak,

they are inherently loving and cherish lounging just as much as they do leaping.

To ensure their well-being, be prepared to invest time in consistent training routines and frequent grooming to keep their trademark coat in pristine condition.

Embrace the idea of having a companion that is both a head-turner and an aficionado of leisurely living.

Afghan Hounds stand out as a top contender for apartment dwellers seeking a large breed dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best large dogs for apartment living?

Great choices for large dogs that can adapt well to apartment life include the Great Dane, Standard Poodle, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dog, and the Irish Wolfhound. Each of these breeds has qualities that can make them suitable for living in smaller spaces with the right care and exercise.

Are there apartment-friendly large dog breeds with low shedding?

Yes, there are several large breeds well-suited for apartment dwellers concerned about shedding. The Standard Poodle, for example, has a low-shedding coat that requires regular grooming. Greyhounds also have a short coat that makes them one of the best apartment dogs in terms of grooming and cleanliness.

What should I consider when selecting a large dog breed for apartment living?

When choosing a large dog for an apartment, consider factors like the breed’s energy level, exercise requirements, temperament, and how much space the dog will need. Look for breeds that are calm, low-energy, and don’t require extensive outdoor activities to be content. You also need to think about the dog’s size in relation to your living space.

How can I ensure my apartment is suitable for a large dog?

To ensure your apartment is suitable, provide plenty of indoor space for your dog to move around comfortably, and commit to a daily exercise routine to keep your pet healthy and happy. Also, be mindful of neighbors and seek breeds with quieter temperaments if noise is a concern. Lastly, check your building’s pet policy to make sure large breeds are allowed.

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