10 Best Large Dog Breeds For Lazy Owners

Discover the best large dog breeds for lazy owners who prefer a laid-back companion. Find the perfect low-energy dog for a relaxed lifestyle today.
Best large dog breeds for lazy owners

Does the hustle and bustle of high-energy pets make you seek the nearest couch?

Your lifestyle might be perfectly suited for one of the best large dog breeds for lazy owners.

Imagine enjoying a leisurely day with a companion that celebrates the art of relaxation.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of large dogs for low activity owners.

Content with being by your side rather than on a constant runway.

Discover an array of easy to care for large dog breeds that are well-matched for your calm approach to life.

Whether you’re chilling with a good book or binging the latest TV series,.

These relaxed dog breeds for lazy owners are the perfect fit for your laid-back environment.

So let’s delve into the perfect dog breeds for lazy individuals, where comfort loves company.

10 Best Large Dog Breeds For Lazy Owners

Basset Hound

A low maintenance basset hound

If you’re in search of low maintenance dog breeds for lazy owners, the Basset Hound might just be your perfect match.

With their short legs and long, droopy ears, these dogs are an adorable sight that belies their simple care routine.

While they might hail from a lineage of skilled scent hounds.

Basset Hounds have a curious combination of endurance for short walks and an immense love for relaxation.

This makes them one of the most endearing lazy dog breeds.

They are lovingly known as lap dogs, despite their large size.

An ideal companion for those who appreciate quiet afternoons on the couch.

A typical day with a Basset Hound involves nothing more intricate than a leisurely-paced daily walk.

After which they’re quite content to assume the role of a sleepy sentinel on your living room floor.

Here’s how Basset Hounds stack up as a suitable breed for the more sedentary dog lover:

Energy LevelLow to moderate; enjoys lounging
Exercise NeedsModerate-paced walks suffice
Affection LevelHigh; loves being close to their owners
TrainingStubborn but can be trained with consistency
Grooming NeedsLow; minimal grooming required
Good with Kids/FamiliesYes; known for being gentle and patient
Space RequirementsAdaptable to most living environments
HealthGenerally healthy with proper care

If you find yourself drawn to this breed’s endearing looks and low-key personality, rest assured knowing that the Basset Hound could be your trusted companion for serene days and cozy nights.

Just be prepared for their heart-melting eyes to lure you into extra treats and belly rubs!

Saint Bernard

Imagine a gentle giant lounging by your feet.

Its deep eyes filled with affection and a calm that permeates your living space.

This serene presence isn’t just a figment of your imagination.

It’s the reality of owning a Saint Bernard.

Renowned in history for their heroic Alpine rescues.

Today’s Saint Bernard has seamlessly transitioned to being the ideal pet for those who revel in tranquility.

Their warm and placid nature earns them the endearing title of ‘nanny dog’.

They are especially gentle and protective around children.

A white and brown saint bernard stood on some rocks, an ideal lazy dog breed

As a prospective or current dog owner, you might wonder if the Saint Bernard matches your low-energy lifestyle.

Rest assured, these dogs are the epitome of a ‘couch potato’—but with the added benefit of their storied loyalty and goodwill.

While they may carry the title of an ‘energy dog’ from their past, the modern Saint Bernard is content with simple pleasures.

Simple pleasures like a short stroll around the block or a nap in a cozy corner of your home.

Here are a few reasons why Saint Bernards are perfectly suited for lazy owners:

  • Their low energy requirements align with a laid-back lifestyle, demanding little in terms of exercise.
  • Saint Bernards have a gentle nature, making them ideal as nanny dogs—patient and watchful over their family, especially the little ones.
  • Despite their size, they embody the ‘couch potato’ ethos, often seeking out the best spot on your sofa for a good, lazy snuggle.
  • Though they can be playful and have bursts of energy, these dogs are mostly content with indoor living and the companionship of their human counterparts.

The Saint Bernard may not be the right fit for a marathon runner or an adventure-seeker.

They are the unmatched choice for those who value calmness and affection over high-octane activities.

In embracing a Saint Bernard, you’ll find not only a pet but a loyal friend whose dedication to your happiness is as substantial as their impressive stature.

Bernese Mountain Dog

A Bernese Mountain Dog asleep in the garden

Considering a Bernese Mountain Dog as your next fur-baby?

You’ll be delighted to know that this breed is one of the most amiable choices for lazy owners.

Known for their placid nature.

These dogs fall comfortably into the category of low maintenance dog breeds for lazy owners.

With a lineage from the AKC’s Working Group, you may expect a high-energy pet.

The Bernese Mountain Dog defies these expectations with their love for calm indoor life.

Just an hour of exercise is sufficient to keep them healthy and content.

This could be a leisurely walk in the park or a quick play session in your backyard.

Once they have expended some energy, they’re perfectly happy lounging around for the rest of the day.

Bernese Mountain DogExercise NeedsIndoor BehaviorOwner Lifestyle Fit
Size: Large1 hour/dayQuiet, relaxedLow activity
Energy: Moderate to LowType: Walks/PlaytimeTemperament: Affectionate, Laid-backUpkeep: Low maintenance

As gentle giants, these dogs not only bring a peaceful presence into your home but are also equipped with endearing devotion.

For you, grabbing a Bernese Mountain Dog means signing up for a lifetime of love with one of the most relaxed dog breeds suitable for the laid-back owner.

So do not worry about keeping up with an overly energetic pup.

Your Bernese companion will be just as content with your leisurely lifestyle as you are.

Irish Wolfhound

An Irish Wolfhound stood in a field

If you’re seeking a furry friend who embodies the spirit of a lazy dog, look no further than the Irish Wolfhound.

Known for their sizable stature.

These gentle giants are the epitome of a low maintenance and laid-back companion.

Despite their grand size, Irish Wolfhounds have a tranquil demeanor and make relaxed dog breeds for lazy owners their own.

Don’t let their impressive height intimidate you.

They are often found peacefully sprawled across the living room floor, basking in the coziness of their homes.

Taking care of an Irish Wolfhound is relatively straightforward.

Fitting perfectly into the routine of someone who prefers a more relaxed pace of life.

It’s worth noting that while they are considerably low-energy indoors, these dogs do appreciate the occasional run out.

Dog BreedActivity NeedsTemperamentIndoor/Outdoor
Irish WolfhoundMinimal; occasional runsGentle, affectionateLoves indoor lounging; needs space for occasional runs

While the Irish Wolfhound may need a backyard for the occasional dash, their favorite pastime is undoubtedly leisure time with you, their owner.

These dogs are a sensational choice for lazy owners who want a companionable and majestic pet without the extra hassle.

So if you’re looking life, an Irish Wolfhound could be your devoted, relaxed confidant.

Great Pyrenees

If you’re seeking large dog breeds for lazy owners, the Great Pyrenees might just be your perfect match.

This breed is prized for their calm and patient temperament.

Ideal companions for those who prefer a more leisurely lifestyle.

While they may carry the title of a lazy dog breed, don’t be fooled by their serene disposition.

The Great Pyrenees can be protective and attentive.

Embodying a perfect balance of low-energy and dependability.

Great Pyrenees sat on the ground, great for lazy owners

As a breed that often aligns with the qualities of low energy dogs and lazy dogs, they offer ample affection and companionship without demanding rigorous activity.

  • Gentle and patient demeanor perfect for tranquil households
  • Sizeable yet undemanding, requiring minimal exercise
  • Natural guardians that provide a sense of security with a laid-back approach

Though the Great Pyrenees may seem like an imposing presence due to their large size, their needs for physical activity are modest.

A daily walk and some space to roam are sufficient to keep them healthy and content.

They are the epitome of what many envision when they think of a lazy dog breed.

A loyal pet with a love for relaxation and occasional play.

Owners who find joy in the peace of an easy-going pet will no doubt find a kindred spirit in the Great Pyrenees.


If you’re envisioning a dog that embodies both grace and a chill demeanor, look no further than the Greyhound.

Contrary to popular belief, these low maintenance dogs don’t require high-intensity exercise.

One that their racing reputation might suggest.

In fact, they are one of the best large dogs for low activity owners.

A greyhound is ideal for a less active lifestyle

Proving that a relaxed lifestyle is more their speed—pun intended—once they’re off the track.

Known for their slender, aerodynamic build, Greyhounds possess a rather regal appearance.

However, when it comes to their preferred activities, these dogs are far from high-maintenance.

After enjoying a brief sprint in the backyard or a short walk around the block,

they’re more than happy to spend hours lounging beside you on the sofa.

Perfectly suited as relaxed dog breeds for lazy owners.

With a Greyhound, you get a best friend.

One who’s content with a brief adventure followed by extended periods of relaxation.

Making them an opportune choice for those who lead a more laid-back lifestyle.

Whether you’re settled in for a movie marathon or slowly sipping your morning coffee.

Your Greyhound companion will likely be lying close by.

So, embrace the ease of owning one of these calm and affectionate couch potatoes.

A true embodiment of low-energy companionship.

  • Short bursts of exercise followed by long periods of rest
  • An elegant appearance paired with a relaxed attitude
  • Low maintenance care ideal for lazy or low-activity owners

Chow Chow

Renowned for their lion-like mane and distinctive blue-black tongue.

The Chow Chow breed’s noble façade is just as impressive as its aptitude for a cozy lifestyle.

Often referred to as one of the most low maintenance dog breeds for lazy owners.

A large chow chow sitting down after a walk

Chow Chows are cherished for their serene demeanor.

A stark contrast to their stern expression.

If you’re the kind of owner who treasures quiet evenings and relaxed weekends, the Chow Chow can be the perfect match for your low-key life.

The aloof characteristic is not a sign of disinterest; in fact, these lazy dog breeds form strong bonds with their families.

You won’t be pestered for endless games of fetch or long, draining walks.

Instead, a short stroll or a play session in the yard will suffice to keep them happy and healthy.

Peer beneath their scowl, and you’ll discover a companion with a heart full of loyalty and a temperament that embodies low energy.

Perfectly aligning with your tranquil habitat.

  • Ideal for apartment living or a home with a small yard
  • A moderate exercise regimen keeps them in good spirits and shape
  • Suited for first-time pet owners who prefer a pet with an independent streak
  • Air of calmness; typically reserved around strangers but will warm up over time
  • Thrive in cool climates due to their thick double coat
  • Minimal barking lends to a peaceful atmosphere in the home

Should you choose to welcome a Chow Chow into your home, you’ll be mesmerized by their placid noble grace and quiet companionship.

They’re more than just a pet; they’re a statement of sophistication and an embodiment of a stress-free lifestyle for owners who prefer to take it easy.

Great Dane

A great dane is perfect for low energy owners

Known affectionately as ‘gentle giants’.

A Great Dane might just be the ultimate couch potato partner for those who enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

Despite towering over many of their canine counterparts.

These dogs are renowned for their placid demeanor and affectionate nature.

A Great Dane will gladly sprawl out next to you on the sofa, embodying what it means to be part of lazy dog breeds.

Don’t let their size fool you.

These dogs are surprisingly low on the energy scale and are well-suited for those who aren’t looking for an overly active pet.

They do need regular, moderate walks to keep healthy.

Great Danes are perfectly content to wander back home and doze the day away after their exercise.

This breed’s patience with children also makes it a family-friendly choice.

Here’s a quick glimpse at what this breed offers:

Breed CharacteristicsGreat Dane
TemperamentFriendly, Patient, Affectionate
Energy LevelLow to Moderate
Exercise NeedsModerate Walks
Suitability for Low Energy OwnersExcellent
Average Lifespan7-10 Years

Great Danes are the living epitome of the term ‘gentle giant’.

An ideal addition for anyone seeking a large dog breed that won’t demand hours of activity or extensive training.

Despite their easy-going nature, it’s always important to remember that any dog breed will thrive with love, proper care, and attention.

With a Great Dane, you will find a faithful, affectionate companion eager to join you in your tranquil lifestyle.


With their massive frame, Newfoundlands are well-regarded gentle giants, tipping the scales at a hefty 150 pounds or more.

But don’t let their size fool you; these dogs are as laid-back as can be, preferring a life of leisure over rigorous activity any day.

Newfoundlands are famously known for their sweet, docile temperament.

They thrive on companionship and enjoy being part of the family dynamic.

Newfoundland dog having a swim

While they do require daily walks, they are by no means demanding.

Think of their exercise needs as more of a casual stroll in the park rather than an intense trek.

These strolls not only help to keep them healthy but also foster a strong bond between you and your furry friend.

They have a love for swimming and any water-related activities.

It’s a form of exercise that’s perfectly tailored for them — gentle on the joints and refreshing.

However, after a dip or a leisurely walk, they are more than content to float into a serene slumber, likely in the coolest spot of your house.

  • Breed’s reputation for being one of the laziest dogs
  • Affinity for leisurely activities such as swimming
  • The need for simple, regular exercises like daily walks
  • Overall well-mannered and calm disposition

Their preference for relaxed interactions makes the Newfoundland a great choice for someone who enjoys the laid-back side of life.

If you’re a self-identifying couch potato, this breed’s desire to lounge happily beside you makes them stand out amid the laziest dog breeds.

The Newfoundland proves that in the world of dogs, being lazy doesn’t just mean lying around — it’s about savoring each serene moment together.

The Tibetan Mastiff

If you’re in pursuit of a large dog breed that harmonizes with a more relaxed pace of life, look no further than the Tibetan Mastiff.

These dogs are the epitome of what many consider the ideal lazy dog.

While their size and appearance might suggest a need for extensive exercise.

They are surprisingly low-energy when indoors.

This makes them a perfect match for lazy owners who want a sizable but serene canine companion.

A Tibetan Mastiff is a low energy dog breed, sat on the floor

The Tibetan Mastiff’s laid-back nature indoors does not negate their need for a safe outdoor space.

They thrive in an environment where they can stretch their legs and patrol their territory.

Exhibiting more active and independent traits when they’re outside.

However, they don’t require the constant stimulation or extensive physical activities that some other breeds do.

Such qualities contribute to their classification among low maintenance dog breeds.

Suitable for individuals or families looking for an energy dog with a calm indoors demeanor.

As magnificent and noble as they appear, the Tibetan Mastiff’s requirements fit well with the lazy dogs criteria.

Seeking human companionship without the high octane lifestyle attached to some other large breeds.

If you dream of a steadfast, affectionate, and impressive-looking dog that aligns with your peaceful lifestyle, choosing a Tibetan Mastiff could be your ideal pathway to pet ownership; rich in rewards and manageable in care.

Their regal bearing coupled with a tranquil spirit make these dogs a standout choice among large dog breeds for lazy owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some perfect dog breeds for lazy individuals?

Some of the best large dog breeds for lazy individuals include the Basset Hound, Saint Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Great Dane. These breeds typically do not require extensive exercise and are content being couch potatoes alongside their owners.

Are Basset Hounds a low-maintenance breed suitable for lazy owners?

Yes, Basset Hounds are considered low maintenance and are well-suited for lazy owners. They require minimal grooming, are usually happy with short daily walks, and love spending the rest of their time lounging around.

Can Saint Bernards adapt to a sedate lifestyle?

Saint Bernards are naturally calm and tolerant dogs which makes them great for lazy owners. They enjoy lazing around the house and require relatively low exercise, making them perfect companions for a sedate lifestyle.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs need a lot of exercises?

Despite their size, Bernese Mountain Dogs are surprisingly laid-back and don’t need a lot of exercises. About an hour of exercise per day is adequate for them, which aligns well with lazy owners who can provide moderate activity.

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