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Welcome to the Show dog Super Site! We've been in Dogs a Long Time, and we know what You Want! It is our intent to provide a web site which is as attractive to AKC, CKC and International Dog Show Judges as it is to Exhibitors and Breeders. Our models for the Magazine sections, where you can advertise your Specials Dog or your Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, or Kennel, are Full Color Glossy Magazines such as the Canine Chronicle and Kennel Review. The Magazines are 'Show Dog Magazine Online', 'Performance Dog Magazine Online', 'Show Dog International', and 'Show Dog Showcase'. We know what you expect these ads to look like and we can do this for you. Online advertising has the advantage of reaching a broader audience than has ever been possible before, at a much lower price than print media. In addition, through the Magic of the Internet, your ad can move with a Java Applet such as the Lake Effect, or as a short Video Clip. Your Special's Best In Show or Group One can be posted complete with photo overnight as a FLASH! Don't let a minute go by before you send us your latest win!

For the Judges we're going to provide Judges' Education resources not otherwise easily found, Some Humor and Gossip, and their own Private Clubhouse with a Private Judges Only Chat.

We're going to have a Judges Gallery for Exhibitors to turn to, where they will be able to put a name with a face! A short Bio will be included. Our Funnies section will contain Caricatures of Judges and other well-known Dog Show Personalities. Educational and helpful items will appear under our Forum, Kennel Journal, Breeder Vet, and 'Real Help: The Novice Class' headers. We'll be hosting controversial topics where rational responses to some of the idiotic submissions to the various lists are set forth in List Loonies.

Handlers and Photographers are encouraged to join us for a Free spot on our Handlers Index and Photographers Index. Member Home Pages can be designed or hosted on the Site. Our Sister Site, contains sections of more general appeal - the SUPERSITE is strictly limited to Show Dog and Dog Show matters. The DOGWIRE sections include RESCUE WEB, a place where Parent Clubs submit photos to us of both ideal breed specimens and common ordinary pets, in the range of hairstyles (where applicable). These pages are sponsored as an aid to Shelters, Pounds, Veterinarians and Rescue Organizations helping to make it easy for them to look at real live samples of the various breeds.This will aid them in identifying pure bred dogs and will steer them to Club Sanctioned Rescue groups. We will also include a discussion of that mixed breed called the PIT BULL, and contrast it with pictures of purebred dog breeds which many lump under the same heading. We hope to save some unsuspecting owners from having their Boxer, or other such breed, mis-identified at some future time.

The LUCKY DOG BAZAAR is our Dog Vendor Marketplace. We will design and host, or host a link to the Vendor's Home page. We've made you a START PAGE, where you can tune into the Web without all the annoyances of conventional Search Engine sites. Our START PAGE inlcudes links to the major search engine sites, but hosts its very own multi-search-engine search capability. In addition it's a convenient jumping off page for visiting the Super Site. We think you will really like the START PAGE. Its links include Ebay, stock trading sites, news, and reference resources. To help you use all of this we've provided some REAL HELP to our NOVICE CLASS entries!

In addition to the Meta Searches and links we've put on the START PAGE for you, within the Super Site itself we have provided a Show Dog Super Site Search, as well as drop down menus to help you navigate quickly from one place to another in our community. We've made it easy for you to submit an ad to the Magazines with our Automatic Ad Submission Form. Lots of examples of Java Enhancements and of advertising and web site design are opened for your by our SITE TOUR. Our rates are reasonable, and we are here to answer your every need including HOME PAGE DESIGN, HOME PAGE HOSTING, E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS and SHOW DOG ADVERTISING TO THE JUDGES!

We aim to provide the Show Dog Fancy with the highest quality and impact advertising to be found anywhere on the World Wide Web in an environment enriched with content to insure that Judges will drop in to see that advertising. We are convinced that the marvelous things we can do in this medium have their equal no where else in Dog Show Advertising. The Show Dog Super Site aims to be at the top of this heap:


We hope you'll place an ad, and join our family with The Best Online Advertising to the Fancy!

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