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Who We Are.

The Internet has opened up worlds of opportunity of every sort. We at Mica Media delight in being part of this unimaginably massive change in our way of doing things. Complete change in communications technology has already become absolutely apparent. Changes in the world view of all of us and equally of all those around the world who read our material are equally inevitable. The World becomes smaller by the minute. Our site logs tell us the story of how far these pages reach. Asia, Africa, everywhere. Russia, Europe, and very prominently including the Australians, who seem not to feel so alone down there anymore!

The intimacy of an E-Mail relationship will be fascinating sociologists for decades to come!

As media professionals and dog professionals, it has pleased us to combine our talents in the emerging world of digital imaging and communications. We have had the Dog Show Bug for over 25 years, and have been involved in virtually every aspect of the Fancy. We've bred Best In Show and Specialty Best In Show dogs, and we've both handled them to these wins and had handlers do so. We know the reps and photographers by name.

One matter we are determined to apply ourselves to, is the maintenance of the best possible relations with our most important partners in this enterprise -- the professional dog show photographers. We will try by all means we have at our disposal, to give credit to photographers, both through their signboards inside the photo, and additionally as text outside the photo. We look forward to having video and digital photos which they have taken at the day's shows being transmitted to us by e-mail so that we can post a new win within 24 hours, complete with the appropriate photo!

We know the kind of print media the Fancy is used to and will compare the Show Dog Super Site Magazines with. We are confident of meeting and surpassing all of your expectations. We know your objectives in advertising, and we will be tireless in promoting the use of the Internet in this manner. The technology to manage the presentations of your advertisements in a fast-loading and enjoyable manner is something we will be working on continuously, using all the new techniques possible to make it more user friendly and attention getting.

Home Pages designed by Mica Media will exhibit the same quality and attention to detail that you will come to recognize in the Magazines.

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