Mary C. Wakeman, D.V.M.
Ashford Animal Clinic
Canine Fertility Center
269 Mansfield Road
Ashford, CT 06278
(860) 429-2110

For any bitch we see in our practice, we recommend the following work up be done on the prospective stud dog. The exam must be done after the dog’s last breeding or within 2-3 weeks prior to the breeding to our bitch patient.

  1. Semen examination, full report to be sent or faxed to us. A verbal report by either the stud dog’s owner or by the stud dog’s veterinarian is not sufficient.
  2. Semen aerobic culture and sensitivity. Required after the last natural breeding, or approximately 2-3 weeks prior to our anticipated breeding. The actual laboratory result must be mailed or faxed to us. A report of "clean" will not suffice.
  3. Mycoplasma culture. After the last natural breeding or 3-4 weeks prior to our anticipated breeding.
  4. Brucella titer.
  5. Physical findings of the dog’s reproductive exam, reported by the stud dog’s veterinarian (e.g. Size and consistency of testes, Prostate palpation,)

Just as it is possible for a bitch to be infected or infertile, it is also possible for the stud dog to be infertile or to transfer an infection to the bitch. An active stud dog which is infected may cover several bitches, transmitting the infection to each, before the resulting infection in a bitch prompts testing of the male. It is wise for the stud dog’s owner to require a workup of each bitch to be bred, and to periodically and regularly test her male, even though all of the visiting bitches were reported to be "clean". The reliability of the culture results collected on each bitch is affected dramatically by the procedures used by the bitch’s vet. The reliability of the culture results of the stud dog is more likely to be acceptable.

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