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Directions to the Clinic.

The Canine Fertility Center offers the full range of canine reproductive services and is a CLONE semen freezing center and semen bank. Our clinic offers additional special services of interest to dog breeders and exhibitors which include OFA hip and elbow x-rays without anaesthesia, minor surgical procedures under local anaesthesia, and therapeutic ultrasound treatment for lamenesses and prostatic disease.

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Canine Reiki - Complimentary Therapy
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Canine Reproductive Services
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of sterility in stud dogs ( retrograde ejaculation, aspermia)
  • The complete range of reproductive medicine and consultation.
  • Infertility work-ups for the Dog and Bitch.
  • Breeding timing utilizing endoscopic examination as well as hormone assay and exfoliative cytology.
  • Artificial insemination and assisted natural breeding.
  • Endoscope guided trans-cervical insemination, eliminating the anaesthesia risk of surgical implants.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound utilized in pregnancy diagnosis, prostate evaluation and general imaging.
  • Fresh-extended (chilled) semen preparation - CLONE Process.
  • Semen freezing - CLONE Process.
  • On site Semen Bank
  • Ovary freezing and banking.

Other Special Services for the Breeder and Exhibitor

  • Hip and elbow x-rays without anaesthesia.
  • Minor surgical procedures under local anaesthesia.
  • Physical therapy - therapeutic ultrasound and electrical stimulation therapy.
  • Litter health examinations
  • Litter grading.

Our many years of experience in a practice devoted to dog breeding gives us enormous insight into whelping litters and the health of the bitch and puppies after whelping. Some of this material has been put on the internet for the benefit of the breeding and exhibiting public. Click here for our Breeder Vet pages.

Directions to the Canine Fertility Center and CLONE-CT

We are located on Connecticut Highway 89, 1 mile south of its intersection with Highway 44, in Warrenville (Ashford), CT, just 10 miles off Interstate 84 in Northeastern Connecticut.

  • Directions From Upstate New York/Albany, NY/ Springfield, MA (The Big E): From Upstate New York, take I-90 East to Springfield, Massachusetts. Exit I-90 onto I-91 South. Do not go all the way to Sturbridge. Follow the directions below from Springfield, MA to Ashford, CT.

    From Vermont, Western New Hampshire, North West Massachusetts:Take I-91 South to Springfield, MA and follow the directions below from Springfield to Ashford, CT.

    From Springfield, MA: South on I-91 into Connecticut and past Bradley (Hartford/Springfield) Airport to Bloomfield. At Bloomfield, take Exit 35A for I-291, going East to I-84. At the end of I-291, take the "East toward Providence ramp" (to the left). Take I-84 to Exit 69, Hy 74. Take Hy 74 Right at the end of the ramp. Hy 74 dead ends on Hy 44 in Ashford. Turn Left on Hy 44 about 1.5 miles to a full stop light at Hy 89. Go Right on 89. We are 1 mile south of the intersection of highways 89 and 44, on the left, in a small white farmhouse with black shutters, at 269 Mansfield Road (Hy 89).

    From Albany, 135 miles, from the NY/Western MA line on I-90 about 110 miles and from Springfield 50 miles.

  • From Maine, Eastern New Hampshire, & North Eastern MA: From Maine and Coastal New Hampshire, take I-495 South to Exit 25B onto I-290 at Marlboro. Go West on I-290 to Worcester/Auburn, and then onto the Mass Pike (I-90) west. Follow the directions below from Auburn/Worcester. About 90 miles from the Massachusetts-New Hampshire State Line near the I-95 & I-495 merge..

    From Central New Hampshire/North-Central Massachusets: Take I-190 South from the Fitchburg/Leominster, MA area to I-290 in Worcester, then follow the directions from Auburn/Worcester.

    Directions from Auburn/Worcester, MA: take the Mass Pike (I-90) west to the exit for 84 (to New York City) in Sturbridge.

    From Sturbridge, take I-84 into Connecticut to Exit 72 for Highway 89 (the third exit in Connecticut). Turn left at the end of the ramp onto 89 south. Be careful of the curves! Follow 89 for approximately 10 miles. You will pass through 2 blinking lights and one full stop light. We are 1mile south of the intersection of highways 89 and 44, on the left, in a small white farmhouse with black shutters, at 269 Mansfield Road (Hy 89). Approximately 35 miles from Auburn and 20 miles from Sturbridge.

  • Directions from Providence RI: take US 6 West toward Hartford. Past the Scituate Reservoir, US 6 bears left - Go STRAIGHT AHEAD on Hy 101 - Hartford Pike, West to Connecticut line. Continue West through Dayville. Hy 44 joins Hy 101 from the right and the road is now called Hy 44. Take 44 to a full stop light in Ashford at the intersection with Hy 89. Turn left on 89, proceed one mile south. We are on the left, a small white farmhouse with black shutters, at 269 Mansfield Road (Hy 89). You travel straight ahead all the way from Hy 6 in Providence until the intersection with 89 in Ashford, CT. Make no turns. Approximately 45 miles.

  • Directions from Hartford CT: take I-84 East toward Boston to Exit 69 for Highway74. Turn right at the end of the ramp. Follow 74 until it ends on Highway 44. Turn left on 44, proceed east 1.5 miles to the intersection with 89. Turn right on 89, proceed one mile south. We are on the left, a small white farmhouse with black shutters, at 269 Mansfield Road (Hy 89). Approximately 30 miles.

  • Directions from the New London Ferry/Long Island:
    • Go Northwest on Ferry Street toward Governor Winthrop Blvd.
    • Turn left onto Governor Winthrop Blvd.
    • Turn right onto Water Street; Water Street becomes Hy 32
    • Take the I-395 N ramp toward Norwich.
    • At Norwich, take Exit 81W - CT 32 toward Hartford
    • Follow CT 32 to Willimantic, turn Right at the Frog Bridge; cross the bridge
    • Go straight North on Jackson Street which becomes CT 195
    • Go toward Storrs about 4-5 miles then turn
    • Right onto CT-89 (second stop light in Mansfield Center)
    • Go about 6.5 miles to the Ashford Animal Clinic on the right.
    This trip is nearly straight North from New London to Ashford, CT. approximately 38 miles.
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Canine Reiki - Complimentary Therapy

We offer Reiki for our patients, and regularly have two Reiki level II Advanced practitioners available.

Reiki is an ancient healing practice, consisting of the "laying on of hands". The Reiki practitioner has studied with Reiki Master Teachers, who have made "attunements" that allow universal energy to flow through their bodies, out through the palms of their hands and into the body of the patient or client. Universal energy flows with no special instruction from the practitioner other than the intent to open the flow to the patient. As the body recieves this energy, it uses it to do those things that are necessary to normalize its condition. The body knows how to use this energy, the Reiki practitioner is merely the conduit. Usually, after assessing the patient, the practitioner will supply energy at many points of the body, where there is a strong pull from the patient. When that pull subsides, the practitioner moves on to another area. There is no way Reiki can do harm.

Reiki practitioners are known by their 'lineage' - basically by the pedigree of their learning experience. Dr. Mikao Usui, the Principal of Doshisha University, a Christian boy's school, and a subsidiary of Amherst College, in Japan, set out to discover the secret of the lost art of Reiki Healing in about 1914.. Upon returning, he taught Reiki to several Japanese including Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. Hawayo Takata, a Japanese American resident of Hawaii traveled to Japan for treatment by Dr. Hayashi, and became the first person outside Japan who was taught and attuned to the Master Instructor level, to be able to create other Reiki practitioners and Reiki Master Instructors. There are different levels of Reiki, usually Level I, Level II, sometimes Level II Advanced, Master Practitioner, and Master Instructor. As modifications of the traditional Reiki taught by Dr. Usui have developed, additions of other Eastern healing traditions have appeared in some lineages. Only Teaching Masters can attune new Reiki practitioners.

Takata returned to Japan and trained many people in Reiki. After World War II, with the disruption of normal conditions in Japan, Reiki teaching there became difficult to locate. As Takata became older, fearing that she would die without passing on the ability to Attune new Reiki practitioners, she decided to create 3 Reiki Master Teachers. These included her daughter and another Japanese American woman, and John Harvey Gray in San Francisco. She had spent a great deal of time at the home of the Grays, when in the San Francisco area giving treatments and workshops. John Harvey Gray was the first non-Japanese Reiki Teaching Master created in 1976 by Takata, and is today the oldest living Reiki Master Instructor and has been actively teaching and practicing Reiki longer than any other living teacher in the West.

Mary Wakeman, DVM, Usui-Gray Reiki Level II Advanced Practitioner
Dr. Wakeman's Reiki Lineage:
  • Dr. Mikao Usui
  • Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
  • Hawayo Takata
  • John Harvey Gray

Christine Harris, Usui-Gray Reiki Level II Advanced Practitioner
Chris Harris' Reiki Lineage:

  • Dr. Mikao Usui
  • Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
  • Hawayo Takata
  • John Harvey Gray

If you do a search on the lineage of Reiki practitioners, you may see that such a short lineage is very rare. We feel especially fortunate that John Harvey Gray and his wife Lourdes Gray PhD are practicing and teaching in the area and that we were able to benefit from their many years of experience as well as the very direct connection to Takata.

While we feel our first obligation is to provide Reiki for our canine patients, we are, of course, prepared to help their owners in this manner as well, as time allows.

Mary Wakeman, D.V.M., owner of the Ashford Animal Clinic - Canine Fertility Center, has been a breeder and exhibitor of Pulik for 25 years. As a breeder, exhibitor and veterinarian she brings a unique perspective to her veterinary practice.
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