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Send us (or e-mail us a 3x3 inch jpg at 72 dpi) a flattering(!) head and shoulders shot of your favorite judge. If you know how they got started in dogs - handling, breeder of a certain breed, or breeder-owner-handler - please include this information. NOTE! If you don't know this information first hand, of your own experience please DO NOT submit it.

Sheila Balch

Mrs. Balch resides in Massachusetts and Florida. She is licensed to judge the Working Group, BIS, MISC, and JS-L. She is a breeder of Alaskan Malamutes.

Connie Barton

Mrs. Barton has served the Fancy as an AKC Representative. She is a Portuguese Water Dog Fancier. She resides in Virginia and judges the Sporting, Hound and Working Groups and BIS, Misc, and Juniors.

Lee Canilizo

Mrs. Canilizo resides in Florida, fromerly from Long Island, NY. She is a noted breeder of Afghan Hounds judges the Hound, Herding and Working groups, as well as several sporting breeds, poodles, BIS, and MISC.

Lt. Col. Wm. B. Garvey (Ret)

Mr. Garvey lives in Connecticut and judges the Working and Herding Groups, and some sporting breeds, as well as BIS, Misc, and Juniors. His e-mail address is

Dorothy (Dee) Hutchinson

Mrs. Hutchinson is a noted dachshund breeder, having 'written the book on the subject'. She resides in the suburban New York City area and judges All Breeds, BIS, Misc.and JS-L

Roger Hartinger

Mr. Hartinger resides in Ohio and judges All Breeds, BIS, Misc and JS-L. He and his wife Paula were professional handlers.

Norm Kenney

Mr. Kenney resides in Massachusetts. He judges the Herding (p) and Working groups, some sporting breeds, BIS, MISC, and JSHW. His e-mail address is

Alvin Krause, D.V.M.

Dr. Krause resides in Nevada. Dr. Krause judges the Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, and Non-SportingGroups, as well as BIS and Misc.

Jim White

Mr. White lives in North Carolina. Started with Basset Hounds in 1962 and has owned and shown Smooth Fox Terriers for past 18 years. Judges Sporting, Hound Working and Herding Groups as well as BIS, Misc. and Juniors.