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Mica Media pushes the envelope of web page design to produce graphically stimulating and professional web pages with printable content.

The Internet places many restrictions upon what may be accomplished in page layout. Professional attention to detail and state of the art technical knowledge are necessary to produce the kind of product page you see on these pages. The challenge of a useful and graphically pleasing web page is one we enjoy meeting. Mica Media intends to continue to remain right at the top of this profession.

In addition to stunning graphics and clear and easily found content, there are other nuances to effective pages, such as the page you see pictured above. For instance, it will print. The web is full of Java Script, frames, and wallpapers which will not print out. The latest graphics technology makes it possible to use genuine graphics backgrounds for these purposes, which means, what you see is what will actually print out from your printer. Many web developers try to make an impression with blinking lights and jittering toys. These do, indeed make an impression, but rarely anything but a negative one. Quality in web design is judged on the basis of speed of download, pleasing graphic design, easy navigation through the pages of a site, and clear concise content. These are the qualities Mica Media strives to bring to every job.

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